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released October 21, 2016

Produced by Jim Jones.



all rights reserved


Bek Houden Project Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Last Customers

We’re the last
With just one
Practical eye
We’re drinking
From the bottle
We’ve done that shit before
It’s nice to see you
At me
On our anniversary
Track Name: I'll Call You

I’ll call you
I’ll call you
When my walk softens
I’m gonna call you back
I’ll call you
When my eye slows down
When my eye slows down
I’m gonna call you back
I’m keeping this table
I’m keeping this table
For a while
For a while
But I’ll call you
When this glass shines
When this glass shines
I’m gonna call you all
Track Name: Moonshine And White Wine

and white wine
All the time
all the time
I fucked death
and life
And everything
and everyone

I’m not speaking
To the dead
Nor dying anymore
I’m just thinking
About you
All the time
All the time
Track Name: Last Night

Last night I was sneaking
Around the places where you walk your dog
This night I’ll be sleeping
‘cos it didn’t make no sense at all

Around the park and pass the ruins
I was looking for some fresh dog shit
Across the bridge and up the river
I was following cigarette butts
With lipstick on

Hiding there behind the willow
I watched you throw a tennis ball
Twice as weird as I was last year
I tied my laces and I went home

There’s all kinds of bastards out there
And I’m dreaming about loving you
My single hot plate is burning
I’ll boil some water I guess it will do
Track Name: Deserter

I don’t fell like putting cardboard
Where the windows used to be
I’d rather see you making love to me

We’ve been drinking since the morning
We were partying downstairs
Now it’s time to rest our weary heads

Blow that candle
Don’t turn around
Tomorrow we are gonna leave this town
Now unzip my sleeping bag

I know it’s dirty
I know it’s freezing
But this is Holland
We are in the squat
You should see that place in France

Kiss me baby,
Kiss me soft
Wrap your legs around me
Grab my ass
I feel much safer when you hold me tight

I’ll tuck you in love
I’ll keep you warm
I’ll caress you while you sleep
Loving you is all I need

Here comes the morning
I see the light
Let’s find some coffee
A place to wash
Let’s go out and meet this day

You see that bridge love
Behind that tower
And a highway down below
Let’s go there and put our thumbs in the air
Track Name: Again

We fuck and we wash
Three four times a day
We are smoking in bed
And we share a cigarette
You as you are
You are my new best friend
This time you are young
Younger that my jacket

We chase pigeons down the street
You take pictures of our feet
We kiss while we eat
I cook for you
From my secret recipes

We talk, we hold hands
And we drink, we dance
We laugh, we make plans
For the summer in south of France
I play for you
and you play with my nose
You pull out my grey hair
and I don’t care

I’m in love again, again
Track Name: Let Me Ponder

Well I’m trying to crawl
My way out
Out of nine hundred feet
Bucket of my own shit
But let me ponder on it
Let me ponder on it

If you give me your hand
Tie it good
Tie it safe
Will I hang
Will I hold
We are pleading for the time served
We are pleading for the time served
But let me ponder on it
But let me ponder on it
I’m thinking of trying
I’m thinking of trying
Track Name: Sidewalk

You woke up an asshole
Sleeping deep inside of me
A selfish heartless creature
That I hoped I’ll never ever see
You packed my things and hugged me
When I needed you the most
I stood there on the sidewalk
Remembering your words

Lights from all four corners
Are falling on your bed
You’re reaching for my hand now
When they cut you down in half

So on your hour of dying
Let me comfort you
Like you comforted me
That day I went away

“Don’t you worry baby
Time heals all the wounds
You’ll be better of without me
And stay away from booze”
Track Name: Brown Toyota

My love said she’ll wait for me
I said baby we shall see
This brown Toyota is moving fast
In the Convoy we are the last
Twenty people on that truck
I’m the driver
Blessed with luck
Turn around another year
I took some drugs
I miss the beer
My love knows about the pain
She sends me e-mail everyday
She says “I’m praying for you”
Well I’ve seen things
Who do you pray to?
Brown Toyota is getting light
A little dot on the satellite
Seven people holding on
There no convoy they’re all gone
Turn around another year
I took some drugs
I don’t miss the beer
My love doesn’t write no more
I don’t care who I’m fighting for
This brown Toyota still moves fast
Full of holes but built to last
Track Name: Jakaranda

There’s a buzz
Around this time of year
The same old buzz every single year
It goes on for about a week
Sits me down
brings back memories
A little flower from a violet tree
Fell on my table
Where I was drinking
I brought it up to my nose
I felt the hand touching my hair
A word came through my mouth
I whispered Jacaranda
Another flower fell in my beer
And I shivered just like every year
Than the wind shook up that thee
Little flowers started covering me
When caressed by this violet snow
I don’t need no other love
Those guys were wrong
It’s not the strong
It’s our sick love that will survive
Track Name: Zasu Pitts

She entered the room like Zasu Pitts
In Von Stroheim’s Greed
She had to smack her palms together
And I began to breathe
Every fallen empire she covered
With her skirt
I watched my own collapsing
Down ‘cos of that girl